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    The topic title says it all.

    My website is

    I’ve searched the internet for a long time, but couldn’t find the answer. I’ve also searched for a lot of “transparent” themes, but either they gave me an error when installing or they weren’t so “transparent” after all.

    My style.css says:

    [CSS code removed – a link to your site is enough to access the stylesheet]

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  • Michael


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    as far as i can see, the area is already transparent;

    check by adding a background color to the style of body

    for tweaking css or formatting, please try to work with a tool such as firebug or firefox web developer add-on;
    helping with ‘normal’ css questions is not the focus of this forum.

    I’m sorry, I’m a newby and probably not explaining myself very well.

    On my site, the dog’s head is “cut off” at the right side by the middle column which has a white border. I want the white of the middle column to be transparent.

    I hope I’ve made myself clearer now.

    Hopefully you can help me out!

    Use a photo editor to resize the width of your interestingly named sidebar image – it is forcing all content to the right to the right. It should less wide than the sidebar width.

    If I understand you correctly you want me to resize the dog pic? But the pic is already much bigger than what you see on the website. Or do you want me to make the pic smaller?

    Apologies if I misunderstand you and thanks in advance for your help.

    If the image has a height of, for example, 400 and a width of 400, use a photo editor to crop it and make it have a height of 400 and width less than the width of your sidebar. Try testing by removing the image and see what you get…then add a smaller (less wide image)…

    The extra white ‘white area’ is caused by the large image, if you look at your center column it is all shoved right as far as it can go.

    Fix that first, then maybe review the margin or padding of the post container.

    Okay got you. Do you happen to know any software I can use? I am trying some online tools but when I change the width, the height changes with it.

    I’ll keep searching but if you happen to know a good tool let me know.

    Thanks for your help, appreciate it!

    Never mind, got it!

    Picnic is a great too:

    You’re quite welcome.

    And there it is:

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