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  • i just discovered all my widgets were gone and featured images in all my posts aren’t working anymore across the whole site after upgrading and am really annoyed about it as i upgraded a busy site and discovered it was suddenly completely out of whack and the widgets kept not working properly for hours I sat up till 3 am trying to fix it.

    The other thing that really suck’s is the upgrade process from point to pointpro, you loose all settings, like tracking codes, customisation, widgets, logo’s ads… Everything! this totally wipes out any benefit to upgrading to the pro version and makes the upgrade process really onerous on a busy site.

    It seems they don’t get that some peoples sites have a lot of traffic! and busy lives!

    It seems that the only way to do it without causing a bunch of troubles is to set up a whole new instance on a dev server and then go through the backend page by page copying and pasting all the settings etc and hope that you don’t miss anything.

    otherwise the theme is great, but I wish they would fix these serious faults, I can’t believe they make it so hard to upgrade to the pro version, Crazy!

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