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    I just don’t know why the sidebar has decided to float to the bottom right of pages. I’m using twenty-ten theme.

    Everything was fine until i woke the next morning to find a search bar, meta, and archive menus at the botto right, which i don’t want at all!

    It is located at the bottom right of every page except for the tag page, however now its on every page.

    I’ve deactivated, checked the codes on W3schools – rearranged the widgets several times, modified the main content width and the sidebar widths to no avail. So… i put everything back to the original size and i’m still stuck with the menus (sidebar widgets) at the bottom of my page.

    I need someone that has real good experience or had this problem and knows exactly what to do to fix this.

    How could this have happened? The plugins don’t seem to make any difference activated or not. Really pist at this.

    Please let me know as soon you can, thx.

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  • This happened to me once. My solution may sound weird but save draft your published post from new to old one by one till your sidebar comes to normal position. Only 1 post should be in save draft. as soon as you spot the annoying post delete it and republish it.

    Trust me on this

    well since this has happened ive changed the theme twice now. and i’m getting more and more frustrated with the behavior of my blog. it was looking Great!… only 2 days ago, and now it looks crap.

    i’m not sure i understand your method. you’re saying that i should edit each post and save as a draft? and do this step one by one? hmm… this does seem like a weird approach.

    Believe me it happed to me and one of my friend gave me this solution. Start with latest post and save it as draft. if the problem still exist publish that very post and move to next post. I am sure you will find the solution on 3 to 4 posts



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    i’m not sure i understand your method. you’re saying that i should edit each post and save as a draft? and do this step one by one? hmm… this does seem like a weird approach.

    the approach is based on experience, that, if the error persists even if you switch theme, it could be caused by the content of a post.

    in your case it is in this article:
    Three Article Marketing Strategies You Should Always Use

    (click on the post title to show the single post – and you see the same error)

    you will probably need to edit the post with the html mode of the editor; and look for:

    <li>Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed</li>
    <p>What do Tim Carter, Brian Clark, Joel Comm, Jim Kukral, Ted Murphy, Jere......

    the <div> in this area is not balanced with a closing </div>
    you could simply delete it (or add a closing div in the apropriate position)

    Thanks to both of you for helping me find that blasted error. I started to do as you said starting with the latest post. I thought at first perhaps it was because the slug was too long. You know… sometimes a file may be too long on a computer file and it doesn’t load? anyway…

    … long story short and because i have changed themes i notice a border that was boxing in two separate posts. And there I found a “< div >” area not closed. lol

    … so after 3 days of pure frustration i finally solved the problem and i decided to let anybody here to know how i fixed it. And lo.. and behold alchymyth posted the exact error i had corrected. lol

    i didn’t receive your email alchymyth, otherwise i would have fixed this error LONG ago! But… it was an experience and it was that “/ div>” tag that was absent in the post that caused the problem.

    Again… thanks to both of you! Good karma is on its way.


    Lonnie Amirault



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    well done – it is a much better experience to have solved the problem yourself 😉

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