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  • So this plugin is STILL exploited. It exploits your site through a backdoor in the plugin then starts sending out spam. My server has apparently sent out hundreds of thousands of emails to people all over the world. What a pain…

    Is there any hope for this plugin? I REALLY enjoyed using it and would happily donate if you ran a Kickstarter or asked for help. I would rather do this than have you hack my site… maybe you’re not even aware of the hack?

    So tell us… Will this plugin stick around or be banned by WordPress admin?

    I hope the previous.


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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The exploit we know about for this plugin was corrected almost a month ago. The latest version of the plugin does not have the stb-uploader.php file at all.

    Keep your plugins up to date.

    My site infected too and updating wont work. Currently i have spam problem …. i mean sending spam from my email account.
    After update i scan all files with wordfence and repaire few files including htaccess and also delete additinal htaccess introduced by this infection.
    So what should i do to completely repair my blog and preventing from spamming to random email accounts?

    Have any body a good solution for this?

    I find it interesting that you say this is fixed but guess what? I had things cleaned up on my servers and even paid professionals to triple check. I waited and had no problems. Then I updated your plugin again and the spam started like clockwork. Thousands of additional spam emails being sent by our email servers. Cleaned again, updated again, and spam again. Needless to say I will NEVER be updating this plugin again (if I even decide to use it anymore…)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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