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    This is not a criticism of this site, not a request for more features.

    Great. Topic moved to Everything else WordPress.

    Are databases public domain?

    There’s really no such thing as “public domain” in this context, so what do you mean by that?

    If that data is not available, why not?

    Note: I’m not on the team that manages that data. Much of that data just does not exist such as PHP version compatibility or which version of WordPress a plugin or theme may work with. Also the WordPress version is like an honor system, there isn’t anything that can programmatically validate that.

    The rest is not available and I’d wager that’s the case because people would game the data to get the marketing results they want for their plugin or theme. Too many bad actors already attempt to game the repository here already.

    It sounds like you don’t like the search on this site (and who does?) but despite what many people may believe, searching in a meaningful way is not a trivial task. Better search has been a problem for years.

    There is Google with
    There is
    There is a Plugin Directory Slurper. There is
    There is SVN.

    The browse used to be available, but after the plugin directory rewrite, it got redirected to the home page. I miss it. I advocated for the home page to at least have categories. There was some talk of a new taxonomy, but I haven’t heard anything else about that for a long time. There used to be a tag cloud, but now you only have tag links on each plugin page. Feel free to jump in there and make the plugin directory better. (They are working on it — see the #meta team on Slack.) There is a ticket for putting filters(facets) on the search results.

    There is
    The Tide team is close to version 1.0. This is for PHP compatibility and WP versions also. See

    Kind thanks to the two of you.

    @jdembowski – I’m glad you agree that the problem I describe is real and persistent. I’m attempting to find a way to solve the problem, collaboratively, and for the benefit of all others who recognize the problem.

    @joyously – The HTML rendered on this site does not contain metadata, and I’d prefer to avoid “screen scraping” techniques. For example a typical plugin will have markup like this:

    {li}Active installations: {strong}30,000+{/strong}{/li}
    {li}WordPress Version:{strong}3.7 or higher{/strong}{/li}
    {li}Tested up to: {strong}4.9.8{/strong}{/li}

    WPDirectory looks at code, not plugin data.

    However! Your reference to the Slurper led to this page which has a reference to script summarize-scan.php by @ipstenu. Obviously that script has access to the meta data that I’m describing because the sample output shows “Active Installs”. A version of that references the API! Documentation for that is in the Codex.

    Assuming the documentation for API 1.1 is still accurate, I think the info there (technical detail and links to examples) is everything that I’m asking about. If not then I’ll post another query (somewhere) to ask about that specific functionality.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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