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  • @ananddevops Yes, using multisite. Check official doc: how to create network in multisite.

    @mukesh27 Thats 2 blogs on 2 sites(subdomain/subdirectories). I am asking for 2 blogs on 1 site, using posts and not pages.

    Hope that clarifies.

    Not really. Each site has what’s considers a blog, and that’s a 1:1 thing.

    The way that I’ve gotten around this before is using categories. You cans et up two main parent categories (for example, ‘Blog’ and ‘Resources’). That lets you have whatever sub-categories under them, and you can have individual RSS feeds for each so they are effecitly separate.


    Right about the first part, I meant the same.

    Thank you for introducing me to categories to a newbie. It sounds like a good idea. Further more, can I display each of the category on a seperate page with custom display settings and layout for each? Basically as two different page grids altogether.


    You can simulate that by using two top categories and placing blog posts in one or the other.

    You’ll need to create a second blog page… (actually two) which are category pages for those two top categories… you can still have other categories within those two top categories and even mix and match as you wish.

    You can even get creative and offer all blog posts by using the present blog page somewhere on your website and there are a few themes that can show posts from different ‘blogs’ which are actually categories on your main page.

    Also, you can install a separate WordPress install in a subdirectory (or use multisite) in the same site to create a second blog.

    Depending on the separation you need you could even have a main site and two blog sites (or more) installed.

    Yes you can. It’s a bit of a reado, but have a look at this.

    @catacaustic yes the template takes care of the layout per category.

    @jnashhawkins the part where you say –

    You’ll need to create a second blog page… (actually two) which are category pages for those two top categories…

    How do I associate a page to a category? And by doing so, will all the posts, under that category, start showing like a default post grid on that page?


    @jnashhawkins I have noticed that each category can be added as a separate menu item. Still would like to know to how to associate a page to a category?


    You can also create custom post types. Pages and post are post types they are the default types that come with WordPress. However, WordPress has the ability to create other post types. You can then use wp_query to access the new post types and send it through a loop similar to the loop used to show your post on a page. If you are using ACF you can even link related post types. Example if you had a post type of vacation destinations and a post type of Events with AFC you could link events to vacation destinations.

    @mrtom414 Thanks. I have read a little about custom post types and do see a opportinity there.

    But I would like to cross one bridge at a time and first looking to learn how to link a page to a particular Post category.

    And then perhaps move to custom post types.


    I just go to my dashboard –> Menu –> look at the ‘categories’ box –> Hit ‘view all’ –> click a category and add that to my menu.

    You’ll have a ‘page’ or link to the category that will list every post under that category.

    You can ‘fancy up’ that ‘page’ thematically as you wish by delving into the ‘custom pages’ added to your theme.

    That’s all covered in the codex.

    You can optionally ‘create a page’ with ‘the loop’ in it customized to show that specific category and it can exclude other categories as you wish and further enhance your presentation as needed.

    @jnashhawkins thanks for the inputs.

    Opt1, if I want to show it on the Menu is a great idea.
    Opt2, is perhaps gives more flexibility.

    Will try out Opt2 and see.

    Thanks for now.



    yes. I think you can.Please visit the site below.

    That was a good question, i have some work i need to do from today 😀 for my employer, to make something like that in woocommerce, so now i know how to do it, thanks for the good gustion and the good answers.

    Best regards

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