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  • Are translated pages ranking in Google or other search engines ?
    I think this is the question that everyone who uses Transposh is asking. If anyone who have used the plugin for some time knows anything about it, this is the place to share and enlighten us all. I have used the plugin for less that a month and i really like and don’t want to change it but SERP is very important for every site. By the way i noticed i have some pages translated in Russian found through Yandex. Still no info about any of the other Search engines rankings though.

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  • Plugin Author Ofer Wald



    I guess they are ranking to a certain extent, and the proof that I have is that by looking at the Google analytics for, I can clearly see that the page is found for some non-english strings.

    I am not sure, and really don’t know all about how google does its indexing, I am quite sure they haven’t got anything that relates directly to Transposh (being below the radar, I’d guess). Maybe those are issues related to other behaviours of the plugin (such as reducing the sitemap score for translated pages, and adding the rel=alternate for pages).

    However, I’ll add that Transposh is written for the webmasters and the users, for having a better multilingual experience, not for SEO purposes.

    I hope it answers something.

    Thank you for the fast answer. I will continue to use this awesome plugin and share some info for my seo ranking as soon as i get ranked. From what i have seen and red so far the translated pages are indexed and can even get pagerank. Hope this thread helps others too 🙂

    Thanx for bringing this up. Sounds good. I will follow this treath to see some more results about search engines. .

    I have been trying to get my translated pages to rank for half a year now. Not a single one can be found (at all) in any of the google searches.

    Ofer is trying to help but something is very wrong. The translated pages clearly are not searchable.

    oeps. That doesn’t sound good at all … We translate pages to be found in other languages in search engines. If that doesn’t work, why bother to translatie.

    This post explains perfectly the issue Transposh is having.

    I’m having the same issue too, in all of my websites using Transposh except one using an old version of the plugin.

    Well, if the website with the old version of the plug-in is searchable then that should give us a clue how it can be fixed. Ofer, are you reading this? What have you changed that you could change back and fix the issue?

    Hectorgarrofe: which old version are you using?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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