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  • I have asked the same question twice and gotten no response.
    I want to make a post that doesn’t show up on my main page or any
    other page for that matter. But be able to link to it.
    I want to make a calendar of events and in my side bar have a link to it. But I don’t want it as a page, or sub-page, or post. I just want to link to it.
    Example 2
    I want to put up a flash video in which you can click the picture and go to the page/post it is talking about. I don’t want those as pages(in the menu sense) just links….
    Can I do this? Anyone?

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  • no, useful. your dissatisfaction does not affect its usefulness.

    have you tried to set your post visibility to private.

    Dig while I appreciate your sentiment.
    This is the only means of getting “support” and so far I have spent 3 days attempting to find a solution with no help.
    So in this case dissatisfaction does affect it’s usefulness.

    Is this forum help free or what?

    Assign the super special non-visible secret post a specific category. Maybe something like Super Secret Non Visible.

    Then use a plugin, such as Advanced Category Excluder, to exclude posts of that category from your page(s). You can also hard-code this exclusion. Now the post still exists, do with it what you will. But be gentle, secret posts have feelings too.



    I came across a great Plugin that should do what you need. I created several pages that I only wanted to link to from a sidebar, and NOT show up in the pages menu.

    The pageMash Plugin allows you to hide pages that you do not want to appear in the menu. It also allows a very easy way to drag and drop your pages to re-order them very quickly. The default WordPress way of re-ordering pages is a tad annoying as you have to manually edit the page order index of each page.

    Hope that helps.

    Best wishes,


    This is the only means of getting “support”…

    FYI, there’s plenty of paid support options.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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