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    I am exploring, as I have never used MS before, MS as a possible solution to 2 upcoming websites I am doing and was wondering if either of these can(or should) be done with MS. To me it seems like they would fit the bill. Would the standard instal be able to handle each of these or would I need plugins?

    The first is just pretty much a regular site with subdirectories, however, in each subdirectory (each with its own flavor) they desire to have a blog for that flavor.

    For both I will be creating the site, hosting and managing.

    The diagram would be something like the following:

    main dir -- dir main blog -- dir subsite 1 ------ dir subsite 2
     |          |                |                    |
     site       wp ms            site -- blog dir     site -- blog dir
     pages      install          pages   |            pages   |
                                    one wpms install

    The other is the person wants several domains with several pages and a separate blog for each domain but be able to jump between blogs with one login.

    The diagram would look something like this:

    domain1                domain2                domain3
    site                   site                   site
     |                      |                      |
    site -----dir blog      site -----dir blog     site -----dir blog
    pages      |            pages      |           pages      |
               wpms                    wpms                   wpms
                                  one wpms install

    (NOTE: if the diagrams look kind of messed up – copy and paste into a text editor and apply a monospaced font.)

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    You’d need a plugin for the second one, if only because you need to map domains. But yeah, that’s pretty standard 🙂

    After reading your other answers I accept your answer and give you my thanks.

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