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    I posted this in "Miscelaneous", but nobody answers there, and WP plugin support stopped answering. The proofs I posted - screenshots and screencast - go against what I was told login behavior should be, but still no answer.


    I can't commit my plugins and can't solve something "shouldn't" be happening but it does. I suspect some of this inconsistencies is affecting my plugin uploads (that or some block in the server by ip or so)

    Should I submit a ticket? How? Where?


    1) test from dreamweaver accepting user/pass but failing with 403 anyway. rapidSVN fails too.
    2) video of WordPress pages accepting spaces and lowercase logins.
    3) phantom account showing same user ID# but different email

  2. I replied to your OP.

    And yes, yes we DO read posts there. Sometimes we don't have asnwers. Making multiple topics or posting in other peoples topics isn't the best thing to do. In the case of your old post, you could post a reply to say this was still happening.

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