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  • I have the fonts turned up large on Firefox (to help me read more easily) and that means lots of things on this website wrap and overlap. Also, every page on this site is confined to a thin strip down the middle of the screen, instead of stretching to fill the available space.

    It would be great if this site either stretched or employed the same sort of technique as the fDawn theme for WordPress.

    btw – What is driving this website? It doesn’t seem to be powered by WordPress.

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  • the site is powered by bbpress. The width is fixed to work at smaller resolutions, I’m sure. Regarding the font sizes, I increased the font size 4x in FF, and see what you mean. I’m not sure there are any immediate plans to redo the design of the forums, with most work concentrated on WP 2.0, but it can be mentioned.

    I’ll add my 2 cents by saying it would be muuuuuch better if this forum was hosted via Vbulletin or something similar.

    The platform the forum is on is not up for debate. It runs on bbpress, serves this community just fine. If the thread turns into a bbpress bash, like many before it, it will get closed, just a heads up.

    Bhoney, don’t go there, it was discussed zillion times…
    Please, don’t force us to close this topic 🙂

    Actually, I much prefer forums like bbPress and Vanilla to ones like phpBB and vBulletin. The only “large-format” forum I don’t completely hate is SMF, to be honest. Everything else looks the same.

    Actually the best Forum software happens to be DCScript. It’s about the only one I know that has an easy threading view option, plus the ability to reply to individual messages not just the thread. The latter alleviates the need to quote text.

    Of course, I will always respect a host’s choice of software. My suggestion was not for the host to consider changing. I thought I’d mention these features. Maybe the next person putting up a site will have these features to consider. Also, maybe the authors of other software packages will see merit to include these powerful features.

    — L. James

    I’m locking this thread, as it’s not really open for discussion what software powers the forum, and this forum is intended for support for WP related issues, which this thread does not encompass.

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