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  • Apparently WordPressExport and Photon, two plugins that used to do this, are dead. I’m not finding much in my research, so has anyone seen something that can do this from iPhoto ’09? I’m surprised at how difficult this seems with such a large community and after so many releases.

    As an alternative, I’m willing to entertain Flickr plugins that I can use to create pages in my photo gallery for each set/collection. But I would prefer to go straight from iPhoto.


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  • hey.

    Yeah. I would also be happy to know about this. I like the way I can import, edit and organize my photos in iPhoto and then easily share them to Facebook and flickr.

    Only WordPress is missing for me hereā€¦
    My biggest wish would be to import a picture into iPhoto, edit it, and send it with a title straight to wordpress as a new nice blog-entry.

    i too would be interested in being able to do my photos this way

    Having trouble with this too. Will try Flickr

    @ Kadr; that would be great. Importing pictures to iPhoto and then sent them straight to wordpress..

    I love to have this functionality.

    I concur. It is really inelegant exporting to the desktop, then having to FTP or login online.

    My only suggestion is that you CAN do this more elegantly using the WP email post facility. You use iPhoto email export, and then email the pic (and complete post if you like).

    I should also add that this works in pretty much any iPhoto up to ’09. the newest ’11 version will not work as the email facility has been completely ruined as an ugly ‘theme’ is added to your email, and this is then sent to the recipient as a jpeg! No good for anything, let alone WordPress use.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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