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  • OK, so it looks like the cloud is the way to go these days. Services like AWS Lambda/S3 and the like in many cases enable one to host webapps with flexible pricing (read much cheaper) than that of traditional hosting services while offering superior performance/features.

    I understand that WP was conceived back when the cloud wasn’t a thing but what is the vision for the future?

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  • What exactly would be needed?
    Somewhere to run the code of WordPress.
    Somewhere to store the add-ons (themes, plugins) and run them also.
    Somewhere to store the uploads.
    Somewhere to store the database.
    Somewhere to associate all of the above with a domain name.

    I’m sure some of the WordPress code includes some reliance on the environment, as it does create files, resize images, find template files, load plugins and theme, etc.
    And the REST API does not handle everything that the general core code does.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    There is no such thing as “serverless”. Even clouds exist on servers.

    And if your cloud is setup correctly, WordPress runs just fine on it.

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