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  • I’ve looked at several plugins offering Woocommerce pick up / delivery date and time functionality, but none that mention Dokan or mention support for other multi-vendor marketplaces.

    We would want the Vendors to be able to input their own settings.

    Has anyone integrated any before and have any recommendations?

    Or can Dokan suggest anything in particular we should be looking for in terms of making integration as easy as possible?


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  • I would also love to get an answer to this! The booking plug isn’t quite right for it.

    Tyche, the people who make booking plugin that works with Dokan ( also have a delivery date slots plugin (, however it isn’t compatible with Dokan.

    If/when I find anything I’ll let you know @wodieskodie

    @wodieskodie I have had a couple of replies;

    * Tyche “Order Delivery Date Pro For WooCommerce” – they have asked for more information on what I’d like from an integration (I have not yet documented that but I will reply). From their response, it sounded like if there was enough interest they may consider it. I messaged them via their chat popup:

    * Iconic “WooCommerce Delivery Slots” – they said to vote on a feature request. You can vote here: (it only takes a few seconds to register & vote)

    I am looking also for a shipping plugin that can do this for pick up. Iconic looks the best to me however I do not see the vote so I submitted my own request. I will also report back here if I find anything.

    The WooODT shipping plugin integrates with Dokan and allows the Vendor to have different settings for ‘delivery’ and ‘pick up’ (including different locations), and set a ‘lunch break’ however it only works in single-checkout mode (cannot purchase from multiple sellers at same time).

    Currently there is no ‘slots’ setting, however the developer says they can add this.

    I need the multi-vendor checkout, so it’s not going to work for me at the moment, but maybe it is useful for people with other scenarios ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is also something I am currently looking for. Specifically a plugin that will enable vendors to individually set their available pickup schedules and also work with multi-vendor checkout. It sounds like me and @phirefly are looking for the same thing ๐Ÿ™‚

    @joshguss @phirefly I have also been messaging shipping time and date slot plugins about Dokan integrations. Here are the links/info..

    Delivery Date & Time for WooCommerce By CodeRockz
    – say they have something in the works (but have given no detail or timesale)

    Order date, Order pickup, Order date time, Pickup Location, delivery date for WooCommerce By PI Websolution
    – say their plugin has been used with Dokan, but have given no more information

    WooCommerce Delivery Slots by Iconic
    – I really like the look of the UI/UX on this one. I could not see @phirefly topic so I created one of my own feature requests but I think maybe they are not approved?

    If people are interested, message the developers or post in their forum links above / feature requests because if there is enough demand maybe they will adapt their plugin or prioritise existing plans.

    I use Dokan ‘Zone Based Shipping’ and am looking for solution that accomodates as much of this wish list as possible;

    • – multivendor checkout (customer can checkout multiple vendors at same time)
    • – ideally ties into existing Woocommerce methods because these work with Dokan.
    • – can differentiate between methods eg ‘pick up’ and ‘shipping/delivery’ and allow different slot settings for each (eg. 30min slots for pick up, 3 hours slots for delivery)

    Vendor can…

    • – set slots (eg 15mins, 30mins, 3hrs etc)
    • – set maximum orders per slot/day.
    • – set break times (when slots not available)
    • – set lead time (eg must have 30mins after order before slot can be selected)
    • – set holidays
    • – set days of operation
    • – set hours of operation (between which time-slots are calculated)
    • – restrict how far in advance a slot can be booked
    • – can turn off for methods eg maybe time slots only wanted for ‘pick up’, not delivery / shipping.


    • – has logic to determin next available slot (eg if closed on Sunday & person orders on Saturday)
    • – inputs information to Woocommerce emails and invoices
    • – provides a management list for the Vendor (eg an list of orders in logical time-order)
    • – allow multiple pick up locations would be a bonus but are low on my list.
    • – allow customer to change time slot within vendor-set parameters (low on list but would be good for future).
    • – send customer reminder emails would be a bonus.

    Excellent UI/UX – it must be easy for Vendor to configure and clear for customer to use.


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    Wow! Thanks for this @ketsy. I was not able to see either Dokan related feature requests for Iconic but I went ahead and reached out to their support (along with the developers of some of the other options listed here), asking about support for Dokan Multivendor.

    Another option I was initially looking it was Local Pickup Plus by Skyverge. It does not support Dokan Multivendor which is a unfortunate since it seems to have most if not all of the features you have outlined (which is also what I am looking for). I have also reached out to their developers regarding adding in support for Dokan Multivendor.

    I will continue to monitor this thread as well and report back on any additional findings.

    Thanks @joshguss Skyverge look good too, although seems to be only ‘pick up’ but maybe could be adapted. I’ll message them also.

    Have you looked at Tyche? They are interesting as they have already integrated the booking module with Dokan. Their “Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce” looks really comprehensive…however, also too overwhelming for a Vendor. Would need to be stripped back or give marteplace Admin power to activate/deactivate features. You manually input all the slots which I think is one of the reasons it seems ‘busy’ (compared to eg Iconic plugin where you just set the length of the slots, start & end time).

    They have a proper demo though which is really useful;

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    Yes @ketsy @joshguss – this all sounds same/similar as my requirements.

    Iconic have now approved the feature request for voting and comment.

    There are 3 votes already on one and 2 on another @ketsy I guess they just approved them rather than merge.



    And now Dokan have added a feature request system @ketsy @joshguss @wodieskodie – you can login to vote ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi, I found what you all (and I) were looking for; a plugin that gives the Dokan vendors their own delivery time options. The description from the product page and the link to the product page is below. Cheers and love to all (no matter your vote)! #BuildBackBetter #BlackLivesMatter


    WooODT Extended is now available for Dokan multi vendor, where each vendor can set up their own delivery/pickup routine form their dashboard.
    This is the same plugin of WooODT Extended, but itโ€™s built for Dokan multi vendor platform. So in this plugin you will be able to do same thing like WooODT Extended but it has options to set delivery/pickup schedule for each individual vendor.

    NB: WooODT Extended for Dokan Multi Vendor supports Dokan multi vendor plugin only.

    If you need for other multi vendor platform please drop and email to


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