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  • Are the users register.php, login.php, and profile.php pages skinnable inside the themes area?

    if not, this would be a great suggestion to add to future versions of WP. I myself have trouble reading WP’s register and login pages because of my poor eyesight, the white background esp is too hard for me to read.

    so I was wondering if that is skinnable, or could it be skinnable somehow? I’m sure I could edit the files directly in wp-admin, but still it would be nice if those files could be added to the template system, if there not already?

    take care,

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  • whooami



    those pages are themable; wordpress doesnt have skins, it has themes 🙂

    play around with wp-admin/wp-admin.css

    I wasn’t asking about wp-admin.css, thanks,
    I was asking if those files are themeable?

    I don’t want to mess with the wp-admin.css, because that file changes every time a new version is released. it would be much easier if it was included in the themes.




    im not sure what ya think is responsible for how those pages look, but wp-admin.css is it.

    Plain and simple 😛

    Most themes are unique because of the CSS. Its called seperation between structure and style.

    The underlying structure of any two 2-column sites might be quite similar. What sets them apart is the CSS, or their style.

    Ive answered your question, do with it what you will.

    Frankly, If I want my login page, etc.. to look my site (theme, if you will) I can make it look that way. Oh wait, I already have, nevermind. 🙂

    be an asshole, I don’t care, but you and I are talking about 2 entirely different things here..

    your talking about hacking the wp-admin.css file. I am NOT.

    I am talking about, adding the ability to change the login and profile screens by dropping a CSS file into

    /blog/wp-content/Themes/theme-name/ directory.

    instead of having to modify wp-admin css inside the wp-admin directory.

    so be an asshole, I don’t care, because you and I are talking about 2 totally different subjects here.




    lol, actually i edited my first reply so that I wasnt sounding like an asshole — I felt BAD after reading your site. EXCUUSE ME.

    had I read this thread first :

    I wouldnt have bothered.

    You asked if they were skinnable. That you dont like the answer doesnt make ME the asshole.

    Have a nice day.

    Long and the short of it: No, you cannot modify the login/register pages using a theme. The only way to modify them is by hacking the wp-admin.css file. I suppose this is because these pages are considered part of the admin interface which was never intended to be themed. So, for now, if you want to modify the look of these pages, you must hack your wp-admin.css file and go through all the trouble of keeping up with changes as they are introduced and all that.

    besides, if you want to bother editing your wp-admin.css file every single time WP decides to come out with a new minor version number, thats your business, but thats not ideal in the real world, because all your doing is just making more work for yourself.

    It would be much easier, if that could be added to wp-content/themes, because then you wouldn’t have to hack the wp-admin all over again every time a new version of WP comes out.. sounded like a good suggestion to me, but if you think its a dumb idea and want to hack your wp-admin every time a new version number comes out, thats your own business, but don’t tell me how to run MY site because you seem to have a reading comprehension problem!





    I’m going to step way back to avoid reaming you a new asshole in an effort to cure the obvious chip you have. Your post history here is pretty sparse, your temper speaks for itself. I have my detractors, but I help more ppl than I piss off.

    my temper, what about yours? Your the one thats acting like a jerk to me, all I did was ask a question..

    it was “you” that started the attitude, so don’t turn this around on me man..

    This is the most entertaining post I’ve read in ages!

    I find myself agreeing with whooami though – you DO seem to have a bit of a way with conversation, bubazoo.

    I think I’d respond in exactly the way whooami did.

    Ditto (minus the explicatives, though). ;o)

    ‘Explicatives’ – now there’s a good word. I like that.

    thanks guys for those links. That was all I asked for, I didn’t ask for whoami’s commentary, just links to information and plugins thats all I asked.

    instead I got lectured, which wasn’t what I asked.

    It wasn’t that difficult of a question you know.. I haven’t been blogging for very long with wordpress. I am used to moveable type still, and wordpress is still a bit foreign to me yet. It may be easy for you guys, but not for me, esp when I have so much trouble seeing the codex as it is, because of the white and grey background here. I am visually impaired, so you guys need to give me a little bit of slack here.. White backgrounds are hard for the blind and Vistually impaired to read, so I have a hard time seeing content here, so sue me, all I did was ask for help I didn’t need all this crap..

    for your information, I do fairly well considering I can only see 20/200 in my right, and 20/400 in my left. I’d like to see any of YOU blog and web design with poor eyesight like that… The behavior here was just downright rude, and although might be entertaining for some, it shows that you guys don’t care one bit about the visually challenged and disabled, so all I asked for was an answer to my question, some direct links so my eyes don’t have to so much information , these bright white backgrounds damage my optic nerve to begin with and I just don’t appreciate that kind of attitude at all when I’m just asking for a little help.

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