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  • foteni


    I use reusable blocks in my post to add some information, which contains internal links to other posts/pages.

    The SEO analytics program DOES NOT see those links at all. I keep getting the message that no internal links appear in posts.
    Also the words from reusable blocks are not counted in statistics.

    Does Google treat reusable blocks as something different from text or links?

    In this case reusable blocks will damage the SEO of the post/page… and it is better not to use them at all…

    Please correct me if I am wrong

    My reusable block includes information with links
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  • Niall Patrick Flynn


    Yes of course they are. Your 100% not supposed to duplicate content site wide. I can think of a few edge cases, This I think is just the precursor to us losing Widgets. Common Chrome elements would be fine, contact numbers.

    I cant think of any good use Case for this, you could make them adaptive but I think its just total overkill either way. What content like this does anyone need to repeat site wide, seems unnecessary.



    @wordpressdublin, when it says reusable blocks can be used site wide, that doesn’t mean that content is duplicated site wide it means that you have the option to re-use the same content on any post or page throughout the site. An example might be a company address and phone number or a short contact form or a bio for an author or a call for participation an author might use over and over on certain types of articles they write. There are probably many other examples I’m not thinking of.

    @foteni, use your best judgement! If you are duplicating large identifiable chunks of content, then maybe it would affect SEO but small pieces of content such as a bio or short list of links reused in a few different places should be fine.

    The SEO analytics program DOES NOT see those links at all.

    I am not sure what program you are referring to and I think you would need to check with the authors of the program you are using to find out more.

    Does Google treat reusable blocks as something different from text or links?

    I don’t imagine it would!

    Niall Patrick Flynn


    Dont duplicate content site wide especially links, if an SEO tool shows you code to text issues, or you generally see a huge amount of code just beware. There is rarely a reason to duplicate content. I stand by what I say and i think this is the new widget. So in that case its fine. Footer email/NAP info etc is all ok in the footer, but you might want to review what your designing for. Anyways Im out of all this Gutenberg chat, Ill come back in 12 months when its ready for show time.



    @wordpressdublin’s advice is correct that you should not duplicate content site wide. Using reusable blocks to do that would be a misuse of them and that is not what they are for.



    internal links, navigation menus, sidebars even identical, footers, are not duplicate content.
    What matters is only the value of your post main content.

    i have plenty of identical pieces on my site, same whole paragraphs etc too, for years, and i still have top positions in SERPs, dont worry and dont give a lot of attention to these SEO tips giving sites , they write whatever just to write something.



    I would like to stick to the original question.
    I use reutilizable blocks for external links.
    The SEO analysis program does not seem to consider the external link placed in the text through a reusable block.
    It even gives the message: “no outgoing link”.
    If you put the same link in a normal block it recognizes it with an outbound link.

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