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  • In an attempt to save host bandwidth I have uploaded three caches to my blog. I’m using hyper cache, WP Super Cache and Quick Cache. Is that a bad thing? Will they mess each other up?
    The speed at which my site comes up on the computer is quite a bit faster, now about 19 seconds on my slow PC.It used to take around 40.
    Here is why I have three caches. I was having problems with my blog being inaccessible. Someone from my host(DWHS)said that I was using too much bandwidth which was causing the site not to work. I have been able to access my blog with no troubles since I got the Quick Cache but the host said there were still problems so I got Hyper Cache. Today I got an e-mail from someone who is linked to my site that said there were still problems accessing my site. So, I got Super Cache.
    Am I even going about solving this problem the right way?

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  • 19 seconds is extremely slow, and 40 seconds is unbearable. I’d use Pingdom tools to see if your slow site is due to your computer or actual slow website. My hunch is that these 3 cache plugins are competing with each other and contributing to your slow website speed. I am actually surprised your website runs with all these enable. Well, I just checked your site and it is not definitely NOT working – bunch of unreadable code.

    So, you definitely do not want to run multiple cache plugins, at least those who perform that same function. You need to pick one of those three. I would recommend using SuperCache. I would definitely “preload” your site (check the SuperCache settings). This preload feature alone should significantly improve your website speed. It basically serves up static HTML files of your site (plus whatever dynamic code [javascript, etc.] you may have).

    I hope this helps.

    cfisher is right. Be careful about running multiple caches. Some (most?) full page caches use the same files to perform caching, so if you install several then the files get overwritten by the last installed.

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