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  • Everytime I upgrade, something somewhere goes wrong with the archiving. mod_rewrite may as well be written in martian the sense it makes to me.
    Any chance that the ‘better archiving’ will be built into the main build at some point ?
    Apologies, but this archiving business makes me tear my hair out..

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  • yeah, hacks that are too popular stands better chance of surviving if they are incorporated… 😀
    matt please think ’bout it!

    I disagree. Not everyone wants the ultra-long urls generated by mod_rewrite, or cares about Google-friendliness. Keeping it as a hack allows people to choose their own archive structure.

    To be honest, all I actually want it for is so that when I get hits from the likes of Google, the archived post is displayed along with a decent layout. A single post with a long menu is not what I want, and sometimes I don’t think it looks as good.
    I’ve sorted the problem I did have, but it would be nice if it were included.

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