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  • Is it possible to get the archives and recent posts to show thumbnail images of the content image of each post instead of just that short excerpt or showing the full content?

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  • I think it is.
    I’d definitely take a look at two plugins by Kaf:
    post-image and

    ill check it out, thanks!

    Or just use WP’s features that are already built in. Remember, the more plugins you use, the more compatibility testing you’ll need to do everytime you update.
    Check this out:

    Is there a way for the “optional excerpt” to include an automatically generated thumbnail of the image from the post?

    for example, each of my posts is a picture.

    When someone goes to my archives, i want a small thumbnail and mabe the date or a few words to be generated as an archive bit.

    Maybe im missing something essential and stupid?

    like a simple tag for the excerpt?

    One of the plugins I mentioned above does exactly that: automatically generates and displays a thumb of the first picture uploaded to the post. Did you check it out?

    I added the post-image plugin and, having no real knowledge of the Loop in depth, I blindly stuck it in there and got a thumbnail at the bottom of this week’s image, but its a thumbnail not of the previous post, but of the current post!

    This is my site

    so if you could help me figure out what hte hell I did wrong, Id appreciate it greatly 😛

    The problem is you are asking the wrong question.
    “Showing thumbnails in archives” would mean to have only thumbnails in the monthly or category archives – when all posts of a month or a category are listed. This is using the archive.php template file (NOT the archives.php, which is a completely different thing!)
    Actually, you don’t even have such a listing. It would be for example: – for June.
    Now, you have have to use a plugin to set different number of posts for monthly archives AND using the postimage in the archive.php

    Otherwise, I am not sure what are you asking for.

    If you meant showing thumbs in the sidebar… where you have recent posts – probably, this plugin could help:
    (if it works with your version)

    naw not in my sidebar.
    Im trying to do the archive as a page with thumbnails, but it seems to be somewhat difficult to get it the way i want. I will keep searching. Maybe I can find something.

    but now that ive got the “previous” and “next” thing at the bottom of my posts with thumbnails, im compelled to try to get the thumbnails to work, showing the actual previous post’s thumbnail.

    You are again on the wrong track.
    Monthly or category archives are NOT Pages – in the sense as Pages are defined in WordPress. You will never get it working in that way.

    You should learn about Template_Hierarchy to know what file to edit. In this case: archive.php.
    I’d do this:
    – have an archive.php where in The_Loop I have the postimage plugin’s tag and the_excerpt;
    – use the Custom Query String plugin to be able to have different number of posts in different views.

    This is for your topic title = archiving thumbnails.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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