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  • Can I archive aolder posts in WordPress to save web space? I don’t care if they are no longer on the server, I just want to keep them without copy and pasting everything into documents. There has to be some way to archive.

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  • Every post, as well as all the other content (comments, Pages etc.) is stored in the database – not in files.
    Every post is “archived” in the moment you’ve written it – i.e. is stored in the monthly and category archives.
    Documents (if you mean .doc files) take up 100 times more space than the posts in the database.

    This is true. But eventually this database is going to top out at which point I will have to purchase more webspace. This is what I’m getting at. I want to be able to save the database itself, or its content before this happens.

    You can always make a backup of the whole database Backing_Up_Your_Database – but after that you’ll have to delete the “archived” posts… to make more room, or empty the DB and start it again.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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