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  • Mark (podz)


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    I use BlogPatrol, and I must admit I really like their service. It’s just a small little deal you can include anywhere, on any page. And it’s free =D

    the refererLib thing that I use (and has been floating around here for a while) could be extended to do that simply by not checking for a valid referrer string, or disabling recording of referrer entirely. Note that full tracking takes up a lot of space unless you add archival-sums to the system (which I haven’t done yet).
    there is also approaches to per-post view tracking (I’ve implemented one embedded in the posts table, another system uses a secondary table).
    Otherwise, would be pretty easy to just write a PURE hit-counter. All you do is increment a field in some table in your database..
    What exactly are you looking for in terms of functionality (and space constraints)?

    I for one certainly dont like free counters as i have a proper backend. But this counter looks hip and gives u pretty decent information all graphically. Hell people still uses Netscape 3 and browse using 256 colors.
    Wanna check a working sample? My Blog. At the bottom!

    i’m looking for an invisible counter that tracks total and unique hits, plus referring URL and if possible # of hits per day.
    I dont care about Screen Res, browser, etc.
    Thanks for the links, I used a couple and they work great but any way to just get the counter the way I specified above?

    I use TFS Statistics and it works great! works as invisible. and gives u way more stats. give it a go. i loved it! 🙂

    Which ufp script off do you recommend?

    I’ve created a small plugin that tracks no. of visitors, unique daily visitors, makes small graphs, etc…

    Might be something for you? It’s available from

    I think counterize is great. I’ve got a Stats block on my 1.5 Wp blog that I’ve combined CyberStats with Counterize, as well as Wordcount and CharCount…all WP plugins…check it out…in the sidebar at

    BAStats will also keep track of everything else, including search strings, referrers, hosts, and more, and all is available from the Admin section on the Dashboard page once installed, activated, and setup. BAstats keeps you updated, without giving the info to the visitors. The other tools above let you share as much as you want.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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