• I was poking around through my b2archives.php and b2template.functions.php and I was wondering how I get rid of the bullets on the monthly archives. They are driving me crazy! Thanks!

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  • What you really should do instead of eliminating the list markup is use CSS to elimate whatever is bugging you about the lists, be it the bullet it self or the spacing. That can all be controled to the pixel with CSS. See the #menu code in the default CSS for examples of this.

    That really bugged me too. I use an entirely different .CSS and I replaced most of the HTML in the index.php.

    I suggest Mark Newhouse’s Taming Lists article for ALA. If there’s enough interest I might put together a little tutorial that discusses some of his concepts in context of WordPress in particular.

    You’re right on target gaius_mohaim, the structure is designed to be flexible enough so that you can create any number of sophisticated layouts by only modifying the CSS. For an example of this concept in action, check out the CSS Zen Garden

    I had the same problem with the bullets… problem is that even though I added “list-style-type: none” to my css (which did take care of the bullets) it´s still a listing, meaning it has a totally different make up as a plain text line with a break behind it (has extra spacing)…
    Of course this messed up my layout 🙁
    Only way I could find to solve it was to get rid of all the list tags in b2template.functions.php (starting line 860) and adding two extra breaks in line 871 and 878.
    If anyone knows a proper CSS work-around work this I would love to know

    well, again, the list tags are part of the spirit of wP and I wouldn’t recommend them being taken out. if you can assign a class and different padding/margin values for a list item, the spacing can be changed. or you can work around it using the line-height attrib. if you want it to display in line, all you have to set is “display:inline” and you’ll be set.

    #menu ul {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    list-style: none;

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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