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  • I think that’s how Kubrick is set up. I just changed my theme to default and it did that too.

    Yes, and it’s called “excerpt”. See the template tags on the Codex.
    Actually it’s a neat feature: imagine having 100 posts in a category, but thanks to this feature the reader doesn’t get a ten meter long page when clicking on that category’s archives 🙂

    They don’t automatically truncate, though you can use a plugin to summarise the first xx characters. You would have to use the excerpt/summary box for the posts otherwise it comes up blank I think with just the title. But it’s a good feature for those using the search. Makes practical sense

    I think it must automatically truncate, because i have never used excerpt on my posts, and when I switched over to Default to check it, it still did that.

    Take a look at the archive.php of the theme (Presentation > Theme Editor > Archive Template) and you will find the following lines:
    <div class="entry">
    <?php the_excerpt() ?>

    You can change that to content but why would you? 🙂

    Thanks! I like it actually, I just thought it was something I had done wrong.

    I had the same problem. Changed “the_excerpt” to “the_content” in the archive template. Also had to change it in the search template. Problem solved.

    The reason for the change: I wanted readers to be able to search for a keyword (or click on an archive date) and have the full post appear instead of a truncated post.

    I too stumbled across the feature.

    Although I quite like it, how/where can I change it’s settings (Especially the length of the displayed text)?
    Sidenote: I published a poem/songtext in my blog for development-purposes, and it is there that I realized that the truncated text loses it’s formatting. I wonder if this eventually could be corrected?


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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