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  1. cavemonkey50
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I'm having some trouble getting the title bar (you know the stuff with the <title> tags) to display right. I have tried the wp_title tag and that does not seem to work. It will display my post title but there is two things wrong with it. It does does show my archive title and when I click on a link that brings you to a certain part of a page it will display the id also (like Post Tile#comments).
    From there I have tried the single_month and single_post title. That works like expected except that it shows Month >> Year instead of Year >> Month, which is the logical way.
    If someone know how to either a) get wp_title to work right, or b) switch the order around in the single_month tag, that would be very helpful. Thanks for helping a new MT to Blogger to WordPress convert.

  2. cavemonkey50
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I fixed my problem. For some reason when I set up custom permalinks that title tag started to work. Thanks for everyone's help! ;-)

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