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  • Let’s Make it clear.
    My NEWS category’s archives is displayed under the NEWS page. (used <?php query_posts(‘category_name=News’); ?>)

    So, assume that it hav 2 pages.
    The code:
    <?php next_posts_link(‘« Previous Entries’) ?>
    <?php previous_posts_link(‘Next Entries »’) ?>
    will navigate the page to another page.

    But the result is it navigate to NEWS catagoery
    (Currently in NEWS PAGE)

    So, i wanna make a permalinks for it….may i know how to i set the code? Somemore, i also used Page Navigator plugins (WP-PageNavi) for displaying all the page numbers.

    I hav think 2 modify the template-functions-links.php, but donno how to make it.


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  • No, we don’t.
    (and don’t yell, it’s not nice..)
    Why do you display a category ona Page – if I understodd it correctly. Use the Category_Templates and it will make your life easier.

    It is because my page contains different Layout and settings.

    And what does stop you to have different “layout and settings” in a Category Template? (Obviously you didn’t read the article I linked to…)
    In the forum you could even find posts about category templates using different header image, different stylesheet etc.

    I just wanted to offer an easier, built-in solution. But you are free to experiment in your way…

    query_posts overrides the querry generated by the URL (and is why next/previous are not working).
    I think this will get around the problem (or if not there is some combination of query_posts and $paged I have seen on these forums before.)

    Re: Moshu
    Thank you, i m learning on it…
    bcoz my wordpress upload in http://www.root server.
    sometimes, when click to first page:
    it links to index.html n not index.php

    IanD, yup, thanks.

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