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  • I have this problem: when you click on the permalink of a month or a cathegory, the page shows you just 10 posts, and not the entire month (or cathegory).

    I didn’t want my home page to show most than 10 posts, so in the reading options of my wp I put “show at most 10 posts” for Blog Pages, and “Show the most recent 10 posts” for Syndacation Feeds.

    I changed the number in the reading options, writing “31 days” instead of “10 posts”, but obviously my home showed 31 days always, and I don’t want this.
    Any idea?

    This is my blog url:

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    You might want to take a look here:

    I see it podz, thank you, but this archive method shows just the title of posts: if you click on “Month X” you’ll have a complete list of post of Month X (and thats’ok!) but you’ll have posts only by title, then clicking on each of them, you’ll have the entire post. I don’t want this, I want an archive working as mine, showing all posts with titles and all the contents when you click on Month X, but not only the last ten posts. How can I do?

    You could provide a link to previous/next page (= previous/next 10 posts) in the archives? I couldn’t get Codex to load so I can’t link to the page directly, but there’s a template tag called posts_nav_link that does the job (and also prettier navigation plugins, like GaMerZ’s Page Navigation)

    If you still have the default and classic WP themes, you can check them for the syntax, for example, posts_nav_link is used in classic theme’s Main template. The default theme also has a different way of providing the links.

    I just upgraded to WP 1.5 yesterday and am experiencing the same thing. If I click on an archive month, I only see the most recent four days’ worth of posts.

    I have custom blog skins and am not using WP themes. Back in the “old world,” I was able to view all of the posts in a category or in a calendar month by clicking on the category or calendar month link.

    Are you saying this is no longer possible in 1.5?

    hi guys you may want to use a plugin called Custom Queryby Matt Read. I made a brief mention on a post I did regarding archives:

    Just scroll down and I’ve briefly outlined what it does and how it works with a screen grab. The link to his plugin is also there and I highly recommend it if you want to customise the number of entries displayed by WP in certain areas. Hopefully something like this will make it in to WP as default – it’s invaluable

    I read in another support post that the archives and categories shouldn’t behave any differently in 1.5 than they did in 1.2 meaning, all of the posts should display regardless of what my “display X posts/days” setting is.

    I’d like to get some confirmation/denial on this before I just start installing plugins willy-nilly. If the categories and archives should be working the same under 1.5 that they did in 1.2, I’d want to find out what I need to do to make them work correctly. If it’s a bug with WordPress, then that’s another story.

    all of the posts should display regardless of what my "display X posts/days" setting is.

    My understanding is this is incorrect – yes it was the case with 1.2 but this has changed for 1.5 – and whatever you set for your options will be the same for the archives. You don’t have to use the plugin, I was suggesting through my own experience and why I found it useful.

    You can of course manually edit your files to replicate this behaviour I believe – but I found this plugin did everything I needed without modifying the files.

    If this behaviour has changed for 1.5.1, 15.1.1 or I don’t know as I’m still on 1.5

    I appreciate your response…now that I know that I haven’t done anything wrong with WP that I needed to fix, I’ll give your plug-in a try.

    You’ll have to excuse my hesitation, I’ve had a lot of experience with people just out promoting their plug-ins when a simple fix inside WP would have done the same thing.

    Thanks again!

    Ah it’s not MY plugin it’s by Matt Read that link was there to give you a feel for what it did – i’m promoting someone else’s plugin, if you will 🙂

    There might be a manual way to deal with this, but as yet I havent found it – again I must emphasise I have not upgraded, and therefore cannot say whether this has been resolved with the later 1.5 releases.

    This plugin at the very least not only allow syou to control the number of entries displayed for your archives, but also the number of entries based on conditons such as month, year, category and so on. Very versatile.

    OK, here we go: I’ll “promote” another plugin 🙂 – not mine, because I am unable to write one…

    (FYI, I found it doing a search for “different number post”)

    Yep that’s another good plugin _ that was what I tried first before discovering Matt’s plugin – my procrastinating nature got the better of me and said, “GUI? yes please” 🙂

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