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  • Frolic

    When displaying the archives list, is there a way to replace the list of months with a drop down menu?

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  • There is yes, and I’ve seen it on one of the regular’s pages here, but I’ll be damned if I can remember who right now … I’ll have a look 🙂

    can anyone tell me how this drop down menu can be edited to have a specific font and background color?
    I’m using the gemini template, and getting a bit lost in all the #menu and #nav tags and can’t work this out…

    That’s a very old hack … I use a dropdown too – apart from the changes, is that what you want ?
    If so, I’ll work on it and get it how you want (if I can!)

    I just wanted it to have the same background and font as my search bar if possible. It is definitely beyond my capabilities.
    Second little niggly thing is that my header picture displays perfectly in mozilla, but with a big block of blank header in IE6. Is there any way around this? It’s coming along – slowly.

    In IE 5.5 the header pic is OK, but the right menu items start only below the end of the text in the main column.

    The problem with the large gap is that IE is putting some padding beneath the image, but FF is not .. can’t see why just yet though.

    lovely, archive box looks fine now.
    just a bit concerned about these display issues. I never realised quite how differently things showed up until I started getting my hands dirty!
    Last thing for today:
    I can’t see in gemini how to define in the storycontent how lists are displayed. In my second test post they all come out looking crap with the wrong text and no formatting. Which part of the template refers to this, or does it need to be added from scratch?

    From scratch
    .storycontent ol
    .storycontent ol li
    .storycontent ul
    .storycontent ul li
    and any other nesting you want.

    I’m wondering whether the IE6 browser problem is related to the link area in the picture which appears to be larger than the picture itself. If you see what I mean?

    Actually I think I sorted it. There was a h1 tag with some padding and I set it to zero
    Seems to have cracked it. 😉

    In #masthead, there is a height property.
    Copy it, then cut it out.
    Paste this in there instead:
    and check it in IE / FF
    Change the 110 up/down. See if that helps at all ?
    If it doesn’t (though I think it will), put the height back.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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