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  • Is archiving automatic in WordPress? If not, can you point me to the docs wheich explain how to use it?

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  • By archiving do you mean backing up your mySQL database? Or do you mean accessing old posts? If you’re referring to the former, there are posts describing how to back up the mySQL DB. If the latter, WP doesn’t archive posts per se because everything is built using the mySQL data. When you call an “archived” post, WP retrieves the content from your DB and dumps it into the appropriate template.

    I really meant accessing old posts. When do old posts drop into the archived category? At the end of the month? >30 days old? Variable?

    Hey, peb, you need ot get out of your way of thinking. All posts are archived in the sense they are stored in the database, whether or not they show up on your front page is determined solely by you (you tell WP what to pull out of the database and display). You can set WP to display X number of posts (regardless of how old) or post x days/months/years old. You can even tell WP to display only posts with “tommy-knockers” in the content (or without).

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    Posts are automatically available via any archive view. Everything is dynamic, there is no “archive” to be generated at the end of the month or at any other time. Let’s take a post named “Test Post” in the category “Test Cat” that was posted on 2004/06/07 by “Test Author” as an example. Given the default permalink structure, this post will immediately show up in the pages at:
    Everything is just a database query.

    I’m new to WP and am having problems related to this thread.
    Could someone explain how to set up an archive area of a site using WP? I know that by default all posts are in the DB and that they seem to use the index template when a user views them.
    However, I want to use a different template for archived posts. Is this possible with WP?
    Thanks in advance

    You can create different templates, if you mean different stylesheets. The “template” in wordpress is index.php. It behaves differently depending upon the parameters passed to it. is almost a default index.php . If you like the archives there, then you should like them on wordpress.

    Guys, I think there is a misunderstanding here. The question about the archives (which I also have) should really be termed as “what are the archive tags?”
    For example, take a look at my archive structure in my index.php
    <?php get_archives(‘monthly’); ?>
    Now, what are the tags that one can use to influence how the monthly archives are displayed?
    (A sample problem: how do I change the fact that only 5 of my archives are being shown at any one time? Ironically enough, in the options menu I have my index page to show only 5 entries at once. Now I’m smart enough to realize where the index page is being influenced, but can I change the behavior of my archive page by adding some new element to that php get_archives tag?)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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