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  • When I go through archived links on my blog page, the links within the posts are not active any longer. There is no way to click through to the post. What can I do to fix this so they are active just like in the recent posts? I have disabled all of the plugins and it still did not work. I then also disabled Yoko and installed Twenty Twelve and it did work. Thanks!

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  • They seem to be working find for me…if you are talking about for example:

    July 3 – “Check it Out”

    June 21 – “See how great it is”

    Is that what you mean?

    Yes, that is what I am talking about. All archived posts links are disabled once they are archived. Recent links work. Thanks!

    Those pieces of text I posted above ARE working as links for me – are they not for you? On which page specifically?

    Have you tried clearing your browser cache and cookies or using another browser?

    I have tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome – no luck. If it says continue reading, it works, otherwise, check it out, read all about it, etc. does not work. Try this page. It is archived pages only. Thank you!

    There is no link code there:

    <p>The Heights is hot and our new Houston Heights real estate listing at 735 Pecore Street is adorable. This three bedroom, 2 bath house has hardwoods, granite and a wonderfully, updated master bath. Check it out.</p>

    How are you coding those? Is this a current, unmodified version of Yoko theme?

    Check it out is coded as follows:

    <a title="Real Estate Listings" href="" target="_blank">Check it out.</a>

    This is on the text (not visual) side of the page. This version is current and not modified. Thanks.

    That code is not visible on that page. Is the archives template using excerpts? Those do strip out links.

    I am unsure of what you mean by using excerpts. Can you please explain? Also, what do you mean that it is not visible? That is the code that is showing on the “coded” version of the page. I use the the link button on the toolbar to enable the links. Thank you.

    If you use View Source in a browser for that page, the link code is not visible – I posted the code above copied directly from that page on your site.

    This is what I mean by excerpts:

    I looked at the code of the theme and it does look like that’s the problem… this from the content.php file:

    <div class="entry-content">
    		<?php if ( is_archive() || is_search() ) : // Only display excerpts for archives and search. ?>

    I am sorry. I am not a big coder. What should I change the above code to read instead of “Only display excerpts for archives and search”. I really appreciate your help.

    I got it. Thanks!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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