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  • Hi Thomas,

    Great plugin! I use it on a few corporate sites, one issue I’ve found is that Archived Jobs can still be applied to, their direct link still works, even though they aren’t listed on the /jobs/ page anymore. If we post the direct job link on job boards, and then Archive the Job, people can still use the direct link to Apply.

    If we set an end display date, it works as expected and it displays “This job no longer exists”, archived jobs should display the same thing. We’d like to archive old jobs, and then Unarchive them later if similar positions open back up, without having to constantly change the dates.

    I’ll look at patching myself, but figured it’s worth a post here to see if this could be fixed in a future version.

    I’d suggest getting this plugin on GitHub and take pull requests, it would make a huge difference in development and update progress, people are def willing to contribute time and effort. Perhaps also create a premium version (EDD or Freemius) and offer some additional features and priority support, too, I think you have a large enough user-base that would pay since it works so well.


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  • Hey Rob, I’m having the same issue. Some of the expired listings show up in Google, and people can still access and apply from the direct link. Were you able to fix this? If so, could you tell me what changes you made to the plugin? Thanks!

    I got it working, hopefully this can help someone else.

    On frontend-jobs.php, line 224, add this:

    // Check that the job isn't archived
    if( $job->post_status == 'draft' )
    	$job = NULL;
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    Good fix. I ended up just setting an end-date on all jobs…

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