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  • Hi…I’m using the Types-Toolset for custom post types. It allows for the creation of a variety of custom display templates.

    Everything is functioning properly, in that the template I have associated with archive views is being displayed. The issue is the search results are also displaying a member review that is not part of the template. I can’t figure out how the search is pulling in this field.

    The member review is set by shortcode in specific templates, but NOT the template I have set for archive views.

    1. Search Results are displayed as Archives or what??

    I just can’t understand why it is utilizing the correct layout, but then adding these reviews that are on an entirely different template.

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  • Plugin Author TC.K


    To customize the search result page, you cannot use the template from Types plugin. It has nothing to do with the Type plugin.

    This plugin use your theme default search template to display the results. So, you will need to customize the search result for this plugin.

    Refer to this thread to see how to customize the result.

    Hey TC…thanks for the prompt reply. I used the previous version of this plugin too, and only discovered it was discontinued when I went to the plugin on WP to find some settings information.

    I think that Views – one of the plugins in the Types Toolset does control how the search results appear.

    Why? Because Views has settings that allow the templates to be applied to search results, and all of the archives, from posts to media and custom post types.

    The search results are displaying in the views template that I have assigned to archives and search results.

    The issue is that the search results are also pulling in customer reviews, and the shortcode for reviews is not included on the template.

    Types/Views has a parametric option, but frankly, yours is much easier to use.

    That said, I did have a couple issues yesterday with the install.

    I found that on one of my search forms, which has a large number of taxonomies (like 36), that it would only save one at a time after I got to 24 or so. I had to create a taxonomy, save and then create another one.

    BTW…on the previous “Advanced” version of this plugin, the search results matched the template perfectly and did not include the customer reviews. On that Version, I also had Views set to control the search results template.

    Plugin Author TC.K


    I never use Types/Views plugin, so I really don’t know how the plugins work. Thus, I can’t tell you for sure what is the problem. Maybe you should ask the developer of Types/Views regarding this issue?

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