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archive view of all years

  • Hi,

    So far I used archive.php to display my archives. But my blog is now over a year old and I want to show a general archive view of all the posts on my blog. I dont want to show only posts in 2006 (myblog.com/2006) or in 2007 (myblog.com/2007) but all the posts ever.
    For now i just fixed it by commenting out the year clause in the getposts function in the WP core, which is a bit an extreme hack.
    Ideally i should redirect “myblog.com/archive” to just use my archive.php page with the archive view for my blog, since basically I just want to show the same thing as in myblog.com/index.php but just in my archive view.

    Is there a better way? Thanks a lot for any help,


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  • I am not sure I can follow it…
    archive.php (no S at the end!) is NOT used to display example.com/archive Page.

    archive.php is the template file used when you see your monthly archives and/or category archives view.

    archives.php is Page template and it will display whatever you have coded in that template. On this Page template you should be able to use the tags of different archives plugins to achieve something close to what you want.
    (this template is used when you go to something like example.com/archives – i.e. to the Page created using this template)

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