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  • Greetings,

    I’m currently using the Polaroid theme, and getting to learn WP a little bit. I’ve done some minor tweaks on the theme, and have finally figured out how to post thumbnails in the archives (using Option Excerpt)

    However, one problem I am having is that the first row of thumbnails appears correctly, but the next row does not, with the first post thumbnail completely out of the div boxes.

    I have only made one minor change to the CSS for that div entry (changed entrycat.text-align:justify), and have tried to reinstate the original CSS incase it was that error, but to no avail. I am using the default template files, so I don’t quite understand what’s wrong.

    I’ve looked through the support forums, and don’t see anything akin to this. Searches on CSS, formatting, archive, thumbnails, and Polaroid lead to nothing useful.

    Any insight would be helpful.


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  • Nevermind. I tried to figure it out for a few hours, and it wasn’t until AFTER I posted that I noticed my error. Figures.

    *slaps head*

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