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    1. On my blog(, when you scroll down and click on one of the monthly archives, it only displays the last 6 posts of the month when there are more than that.

    I know I’ve set that the number of posts to 6 per page BUT this didn’t happen in 1.2, only after I upgraded to 1.5

    I’ve checked my archives tags in my index.php file. Nothing wrong..I’ve even tried setting the limit of number of posts to 50, but still only 6 posts showed up. =/

    2. Click this —>

    Look at the comment box, it’s sooo wide. X.x

    I could alter the width of the box in 1.2 because the I could see the codes for like width=”200″ etc.

    But with 1.5, upon opening up wp-comments2.php, I don’t see that anywhere.

    So how do I even edit the width of the comment box? And I even trying to edit the correct file? >.>

    (Note: I don’t have a wp-comments.php file, I don’t know why…)

    I look forward to some responses from you pros lol, thanks in advance!

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  • 1. WP 1.2 did do things a bit different for archives. Lots of folk didn’t like that, so it was changed. No way to please us all, I guess.

    Anyway, the solution is to install the following plugin:

    2. Add this to your stylesheet (style.css):

    #comment {
    width: 90%;

    Play with the width value to suit.

    1.5 themes don’t use wp-comments.php, but rather comments.php. If a theme does not have this template, WordPress uses the one from the default theme (unless you include something like wp-comments2.php through the pre-1.5 method of adding the comments template).



    Whoa Thank You very much! My Archive problem is solved now!

    And so is the comment box width. Thank you thank you! Merci.

    Okay now that that 2 is solved I see another problem =/

    You see how the posts appear to be further down rather right at the top? This doesn’t happen for index.php only the ?p=78 pages etc. Also the ?p=78#comments page.

    I had formerly attributed the problem to the comment box wdith but apparently it is not so, seeing I’ve fixed it now..

    Is it something wrong with the template? =/

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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