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Archive pages with .php extension … possible?

  • Hi,

    I would like to know if it’s possible to have archives pages (category or by date) to publish with a .php extension.

    The reason is simple: I want to include their content in other pages and including them like this works:

    <?php include (‘http://www.natural-clothing.com/content/2006/02/27/new-affiliate-discount.php’); ?>

    while including them like this:

    <?php include (‘http://natural-clothing.com/content/?cat=5’); ?>

    or this:

    <?php include (‘http://www.natural-clothing.com/content/category/Static-about-pages’); ?>

    does not!

    I’m not sufficiently good at programming to know why, but I guess the fact that I nclude a page with an extension makes the include read the page differently.

    You can see the tests with the above includes here, of course only the first one one works:


    Thanks for any tips on how I can either create my archive pages with a .php extension or how I can publish the content of an archive page through a php include and actually make it display!

    Thanks very much!


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