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[Resolved] Archive Page

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  • Also the Title does not display on expired polls on archives page.

    I can get the percentage to show up if a change the option to “After Poll End Date” but then of course you can see what it is till then.

    Also it puts the current poll on the archive page…I want it be past polls not the current. Can I remove the current poll from the archive page?

    Plugin Author YOP


    Hi J Reswob,

    “1.) Is there a easy way to prevent scheduled questions from appearing?”
    Please be more specific and provide as many details as you can so we may assist.

    “Also the Title does not display on expired polls on archives page.”
    To display the Title go to Templates (from the main menu) and edit the one you used on your poll. In “Template After End Date” section, before “This poll is closed!”, add the line below

    <div id=”yop-poll-name-%POLL-ID%” class=”yop-poll-name”>%POLL-NAME%</div>

    “Can I remove the current poll from the archive page?”
    To remove the current poll from the archive page edit the poll and in the “Archive Options” section choose “No” at “Show Poll In Archive”. You can make these changes for every active poll.

    Best regards,

    YOP Team

    Thanks so much for the reply and for your plugin!

    You help me fix the “title” and “before start date” issue.

    The only problem with selecting to not show the poll on archive page is that I do want it to show after expiring automatically. If there isn’t a way to have it not show on the archive page prior to expiring, can I make is at least be on the top of the list rather than the bottom?
    Also, I still can’t enable the percent to after vote without causing it not to display percent after expiration.

    Plugin Author YOP


    Hey J Reswob,

    Regarding the archive, at the moment we don’t have this option.

    If you want it to be at the top of the list, edit the poll, go to “Archive Options” section and in “Archive Order” you can assign the archive a position in the list (1 meaning that it’s at the top of the list). Please note that “1” is the default value so if you want a specific archive to be the first, you have to assign positions in the list for the other archives as well (2 for the second archive, 3 for the third etc).

    You can also assign a negative value. If you put -1 that archive will be at the top of the list and you won’t have to position all the other archives (that have “1” as default).

    To see the results go to “View Result Options” and choose “After Poll End Date”. This way the results will be available as soon as the poll expires (if you choose “After Vote” the results will not be available when the poll expires – we will fix this at the next release).

    Best wishes,

    YOP Team

    What does the archive page sort by after the “archive order” number. So if I have 1 in every poll. It seems to be random. I want them to sort by end date.

    Plugin Author YOP


    Hi J Reswob,

    You can not sort them by date.

    1 is the default value. If you don’t assign different values then they will be randomly displayed.

    To sort your archives simply assign them different numbers: 1 for the first, 2 for the second archive and so on.


    YOP Team

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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