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[Resolved] Archive in a page

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  • Plugin Author Miguel Useche


    No, currently there’s not way to add parameters. But that’s a great idea, you’re welcome to implement those changes and send me a patch to include it.

    I’ll try to implement this in the next update

    Plugin Author Miguel Useche


    You can send me a private message, I have made a new version of the plugin to include this feature 🙂 but it hasn’t been released yet.

    I don’t see where to send you a private message… :-/

    Plugin Author Miguel Useche


    Oh sorry, i’ve updated the plugin to v1.4 and now it includess partial configuration through attributes when using the short-code feature.

    I am needing the shortcode to set the “exclude category” parameter for my plugin.

    BTW. LOVE your plugin!

    Plugin Author Miguel Useche


    Thanks for using my plugin, if you like it. Give it 5 stars and a good review!

    About exclude category it’s something i’m working on it, currently it is a hidden feature, you coud theorically add excluding categories by:
    Serializing (using PHP) an array with the ids of the categories.

    So in a separate php file do something like:
    <?php echo serialize(array(3,4,5,1)) ?> where the numbers are the id of the categories to exclude.

    Then look at the browser the code it prints, copy it and add it to the shorcode as: jQuery Archive List exclude=”a:4:{i:0;i:3;i:1;i:4;i:2;i:5;i:3;i:1;}”

    I haven’t test it but it should work, because shortcode attributes overrides default configuration.

    Or wait to until released (uknown date) or give a donation to release it faster 😛

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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