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  1. Adam
    Posted 4 years ago #

    So I am having this issue with custom post types not displaying properly in the archive, in fact they don't display at all >_>.

    One, I am using the is_post_typw_archive('custom') to check if thats the post type I am on, then I do a loop through all the custom post types to display them, which works.

    I have a single-custom.php for singular posts and a archive-custom.php for all posts of type custom

    How ever all my posts get displayed as a post in single instead of in archive and single jas a loop structure that sais, get me the post, get me the content while archive sais get me all the posts and there title, author, comments and breif summary.

    when I go to something like: localhost/custom/post-name I see a list of all posts in a post instead of just the contents for post-name. and going to localhost/custom just gives me a 404 when it should give me a list of all posts for that custom post type.


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