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    HELP- I have never in my life done anything with websites, and have tried to do the best learning as I go. I have “listings” (homes currently for sale) that I added- some sold- some not yet. I have taxonomies attached to them- featured, sold, #bedrooms, #baths, location, etc- and the widget I have is that spot says “Agentpress Featured Listings” but all of them are still showing up even though I unclicked featured and deleted the “featured image” just in case that was triggering them to still be there???? I don’t know how to get rid of the others,(add them to an archive page would be ideal that I can make into a side bar click on me thingie??) OR if I can have the ones that are still available at the top of the listings, then trickle down to the solds? Im going blind here- so please make it as simple as point, copy, paste, click for me, I would truly appreciate it.

    http://www.startexrealestate.com Thanks All!!! This forum has helped me out so much I haven’t needed to post any questions until now- couldn’t find a topic on this bad boy! 🙂

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