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    I’ve been searching, and browsing my admin panel. But I can not find what I’m looking for.

    I want users to register. But I want to approve them before they get access.

    Is this possible, in default WP2.0.5 or with a plugin?

    Kind regards


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  • On that topic.

    For now I’m creating users for the people who send me an e-mail. But when people login they come to their profile page. I want them to come to the mail page of the blog, is this possible?


    Here’s a question: Is there a compelling need for people to be users?

    If it’s an attempt to reduce spam, we can suggest much easier/useful alternatives.

    Yes it’s a family site with pictures and info about family parties. It’s not to reduse Spam SK2 Does a perfect job there. And if it were up to me we didn’t need to have users. But some PPL are affraid that the info and pictures could be used elsewere on the web.

    I have desided to create the users myself, but when a user logs in I just want them sent directly til the main (not mail) page og the site.

    The site is

    But some PPL are affraid that the info and pictures could be used elsewere on the web.

    Hmm. I can see your blog and I am not a user. I can copy/save any info or picture from there. So, what’s the point for approving users?

    moshu: Can you:
    – see the pictures in the albums?
    – Read posts in all 10 catagories?
    The picture of the day (sometimes picture of the week) and the “admin” catagory is to be avaliable at all times. The rest is hidden or requires login. If this is different from what you experience, please let me know.

    I think I solved problem by using and

    Nope, I can’t see those… But you didn’t tell me about the hidden parts earlier 🙂
    I just went to your main page, saw a picture, saw a post – so I assumed that’s what you wanted to hide.

    Well you were right in asuming that there were no hidden parts.

    The thing is I need the Admin post telling ppl that we have changed our rules for using the site.

    And the picture on the front is controlled by my wife who manually updates it almost every day. She controls who get’s on there and we ask the ppl on the picture before posting it.

    Behind the hidden parts there are lots of posts and a Aniga gallery. Also on the sidebar we kept the random picture, because they are so small, ppl don’t care.

    HMM, it dosn’t work. It works, but you can link directly to pages and thus avoid loging in.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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