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    Having a ‘hanging’ problem when approving projects client side;

    Bug Experienced:
    1. ‘Approve’ button is clicked
    2. Name is entered into the Digital Signature field.
    3. ‘Submit’ button pressed.
    4. ‘Submit’ button displays “saving…” but window does not close. approval status is updated, so the form is submitting, but the box is hanging.

    I’m not experiencing this problem with your demo at all. Attempted 2 fresh installations with same ‘hanging’ problem occurring each time, button indefinitely displays ‘saving…’ and never closes even though the form has submitted.

    DAS Version in use: 3.4
    DAS Template in use: slickremix
    WordPress Version 3.6

    Looking for a fix or solution we can deploy. I don’t want to go and buy the full DAS Extensions Bundle if I cant get the base version working 100% on our server.

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  • Plugin Author slickremix


    No problem we’ll try to get you on track here…. usually this is a javascript/ajax error getting in the way. Pretty common if your theme or another plugin is throwing an error. Can you please provide an example link? And also the help info from the DAS plugin menu. Thanks!

    Live Test Project:

    Username: Test
    Password: testing


    DAS Plugin version: 	3.4
    WordPress version: 	WP 3.6
    Installed plugins: 	Custom Post Templates by Simon Wheatley version 1.5, Design Approval System by SlickRemix version 3.4, WP Admin Bar Removal by slangjis version 2013.0624.0361
     Server Environment
    PHP Version: 	5.3.27
    Server Software: 	Apache
    WP Max Upload Size: 	10MB
    WP Debug Mode: 	No

    Its also worth mentioning that we installed the ‘WP Admin Bar Removal’ after experiencing the ongoing ‘hanging’ problem with DAS. The problem with DAS was occurring long before we included this Bar Removal in our WP installation so I doubt this has anything to do with it. (we even disabled it again to check)

    Our WP install is bare bones, with only the base WP Twenty Twelve template being used and no content other then DAS installed.

    FYI I’m a more of a longer running Joomla dev then anything to do with WP (this project is one of the few that has me working with WP), I did kick in the WP debug mode, but picked up nothing in the debug log, so turned it off again.

    My apologies, I’ve had to pull the site down, within 3 hours of posting those details here our test site got hacked twice.

    Are you guys willing to possibly release a ‘quickstart’ version? A WP package with DAS pre-installed as part of the QS package for testing purposes?

    I don’t care what WP version the quickstart package is running as long as its fully functional and is essentially a turn key solution for us to say “yes this base package works on our system, lets go for the full extensions upgrade package and deploy live”

    I’m not willing to post further testing pages with demo functionality for fault finding this DAS software on this forum as its attracting hacking, packet injections, and DDoS attacks.

    Plugin Author slickremix


    Yeah never a good idea to post login info on a public forum. I was only looking for an example link to your page to look for errors. Then we usually go the rout of requesting login info through email if we can’t figure out anything.

    We do not have a QS package to offer. If you want us to check out the issue you need to have a live testing server setup with everything. If you want us to do it we charge $45.00 an hr and usually takes an hour or 2 tops to get you up and running. Their is no doubt we can get it working, we have had to do this for many people, because for some reason or another a plugin or theme or server(possibly your php version) is causing things to work oddly.

    You can email us at

    I appreciate you following up with me, but honestly I’m not to anxious to spend $90+ dollars of my clients money to have your guys setup/fault find a package that should essentially work ‘out of the box’ on a berebones WP installation. Then have to pay another $60 on top of that to get the functionally upgraded via your extension packages to what we need, which then may need FURTHER fault finding time from your team to implement.

    I’m sure you can understand that we approached this package because it was a cost effective solution that we had seen online and we were anxious to implement for our customer if it was only a $60 outlay to implement the functionally needed to bring it up to par with the industry standard for proofing.

    Surely you can give us a starting point where OUR team can start looking in your code for a conflict of this type on our own watch Or even recommend a php server version which has guaranteed compatibility with DAS, as I know on a fresh barebones WP install there can be no plugin conflicts.

    I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on where to start looking.

    We will begin testing tonight on a older version of WP. Probably WP 3.5.1 which seemed to have worked for this other guy who posted a similar problem about the approval system not working.

    If we still have issues, I’ll assume its a php version compatibility problem and start testing on a rolled back server environment running PHP 5.2.17

    I’ll let you know how we go.

    Plugin Author slickremix


    DAS has been tested on 3.6 and works fine and not really a good idea to run older version of wp for security reasons mostly and compatibility issues for future DAS updates. The problem I believe is the php version. It has only been tested up to PHP version 5.3.24. Try that and only install the DAS and required plugin and see if you get positive results.

    Just rolled back onto WP 3.5.1 using the same PHP version (5.3.27) as we used with WP 3.6 back when we reported the bug.

    Just ran a test with no issues at all, system accepts the digital signature and closes the window as expected from a fully functioning package 🙂

    Didn’t change anything other then the WP version used. Might keep testing this week with WP 3.6 and roll the PHP back to 5.3.24 as suggested see if that fixes the 3.6 issues.

    I’m not sure what is the lesser evil in this case, to use an older WP version or an older PHP environment.

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