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  • Hi there,

    This website:

    uses both Appointments Lite (I used to have a subscription to Appointments+, which has since expired). I have now set this client up with the BackupBuddy plugin using my Google Drive as a remote destination of where I would like backups to be automatically sent to every day. I have emailed at length with the developers of BackupBuddy and they have assured me that there is a flaw in your code (unfortunately). Here is the error message I get from my PHP Log file:

    [26-Mar-2017 02:50:06 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Google_Auth_OAuth2 in /home/petjunct/public_html/wp-content/plugins/backupbuddy/destinations/gdrive/Google/Auth/OAuth2.php on line 595

    I have been told that this is happening because YOUR code is constantly in use and as soon as BackupBuddy tries to do ITS thing – that error message pops up and processes either do not complete, or they complete with errors 🙁

    Can you please please please look into this issue and find a fix, as I love both of these plugins and really need them to work well together.

    Thanks very much!

    – David.

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  • Plugin Support Jonathan – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @mordecaihauls,

    Hope you are doing well!

    There is a known conflict between the BackupBuddy plugin and the Appointments.

    The Appointment+ including a number of classes which are from Google API, and it always checks if the class already exists. BackupBuddy is not checking if the class exists, as it includes this class only in that specific situation. Checking if a class exist, this is something that BackupBuddy should probably do, as these classes are commonly used.

    To fix this, our developers need to rename every single class in the library

    For now, our developers provided a workaround. Please replace the file here in the following directory:
    If the Client.php is not there, simply add this file.

    Let me know how it went!

    Kind regards,

    Hi Nastia

    Disclosure: I do BackupBuddy Support/Development.

    Whilst I am sure that your explanation is well intended and your misrepresentation of BackupBuddy behaviour not maliciously intended, the explanation is technically flawed and your description of how BackupBuddy behaves also demonstrates a misunderstanding of this issue.

    FYI we have already been round the block on this one with your colleague Ignacio last year and I would recommend that you refer to him to get an understanding of the technical issues and reasons why both your explanation and description of BackupBuddy behaviour are incorrect. If you prefer I can run through it again with you here just to clarify.

    My understanding at that time from the comments made by Ignacio was that the behaviour of Appointments+ was to be modified in the way that we had discussed (which was not the “solution” that you describe here). We have had no further reports of Appointments+ causing any issues so we had assumed that the fix of that nature had been implemented – but your posting here seems to suggest that in fact either that was/is not the case or that Appointments+ (the premium version) has indeed been so modified but that modification was not incorporated into any other “version” of the plugin like this version – so perhaps you could clarify that?

    We really do not recommend that you modify BackupBuddy code in the manner of the attached file and we do not assume any responsibility for BackupBuddy on any site where the code may have been modified by a 3rd party such as yourselves or any other individual and in doing so you assume full support responsibility for BackupBuddy in any such instance where an individual may use your modified code.

    As regards your suggestion of what is “required” to fix the issue caused by your plugin:

    “To fix this, our developers need to rename every single class in the library”

    you may indeed choose to resolve the bug in that manner but that is not how we would (or have previously) advise(d) that the issue is addressed. So to imply that you are “forced” to do this because of some BackupBuddy behaviour is a misrepresentation.

    Please let me know whether or not you have any additional question or clarification required concerning the above information.


    Hi again – just following up on this – … ?


    – David.

    Plugin Contributor Kasia – WPMU DEV Support



    @drprotocols thank you for that detailed explanation – I will discuss this with Ignacio and will get back to you with feedback.

    @mordecaihauls I’m sorry for the delay – we have to check that with developer to get solution.

    As soon we will know more we will update thread.

    kind regards,

    Plugin Contributor Kasia – WPMU DEV Support



    I spoke with our developer and there will be fix prepared for Appointments, however at the moment I can’t provide ETA when version with this fix will be released.

    kind regards,

    Hi there,

    That would be most appreciated. Please do reply here once a fix has been implemented.


    – David.

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