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Appointment window cut in half

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  • One more thing – on the rare chance I am able to see the lower half of the window, if I select a date and the calendar refreshes, I lose the bottom half.

    Hi Acalasci,

    Just give a try with previous versions: here

    And let me know.

    -Frank Faraz

    It worked! I used v2.5.

    I have two more questions. How can I modify the numbers and the days of the week on the calendar so that the text is in white and not gray? I can’t see to locate the file.


    And lastly, if I wanted to add a new entry for my customers, how would I go about doing that? I want my customers to be able to tell me where they live, so I’d like to add a text box that lists “Residency” where the red oval in this picture is.


    Thank you so much, this plugin is fantastic.

    Hi Acalasci,

    You already did it well.

    Residency and # of Boxes

    That was my idea to suggesting you.(Change the label ‘Special Instruction’ to ‘Pickup Address’)


    Past & Future dates being displaying in Gray (Month/Week/Day View).
    If you want to change color of them then needs to modify some css properties in file ‘fullcalendar.css’.

    File path: \appointment-calendar\menu-pages\fullcalendar-assets-new\css

    For days font color [fullcalendar.css (line 485)]

    .fc-agenda-days th {
        color: #EEEEEE;
        text-align: center;

    For dates font color [fullcalendar.css (line 489)]

    .fc-agenda .fc-agenda-axis {
        color: #EEEEEE;
        font-weight: normal;
        padding: 0 4px;
        text-align: right;
        vertical-align: middle;
        white-space: nowrap;
        width: 50px;


    Howdy Y’all !

    I’ve been adding lines in several css files now, trying to get my appointment window text to show up.
    my website-link: http://www.dreamhousestudio.net/afpraak-maken/

    Step 1. go KLICK to make New Appointment
    Step 2. choose date and service, then click NEXT

    in Step 3. scroll down:
    view the Form fields: NAME, EMAIL, PHONE and SPECIAL INSTRUCTION
    show up in white color now.

    I believe this is inherited from the main CSS file that belongs with the THEME.

    I been at this for the past few hours, and I’m Toast now.
    I hope you guys could help to make those fields color show up in Black,
    I would prefer to adjust this in the fullcalendar.css form.

    Any help is mighty-much appreciated. Tks already, Hans

    Hi Hans,

    Here the to do for you:

    Step 1.
    Locate file appointment-calendar-shortcode.php in plugin directory
    ( File Path: \plugins\appointment-calendar\)

    Step 2.
    Around line No. 1157, find bellow code.

    <table width="100%" id="bordercssremove">

    Now add new custom font color for Form fields.

    <table width="100%" id="bordercssremove" style="color:#000000;">

    You done. Thanks
    -Frank Faraz

    Hi All,

    We are going to release Appointment Calendar 2.6.2 within a week.

    New Feature: Multilingual (Could be translated in your language)
    Bug Fixed: Appointment window cut in half.
    Bug Fixed: Scattered time slots with few themes.

    Thanks for using Appointment Calendar & support us.
    -Frank Faraz

    Frank hi,

    Thanks for your Swift reply !
    Done, it Looks PERFECT now !

    Appointment Calendar IS by far the best Plugin for Taking And Managing Appointments, thanks a million. 🙂

    [ redacted, support is offered via the forums and not email or phone ]

    Plugin Author a.ankit


    Hey Hanshjc,

    Thanks for the kind words… If you are happy with the support and the plugin, I request you to leave a review at



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