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  • One more thing – on the rare chance I am able to see the lower half of the window, if I select a date and the calendar refreshes, I lose the bottom half.

    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Hi Acalasci,

    Just give a try with previous versions: here

    And let me know.

    -Frank Faraz

    It worked! I used v2.5.

    I have two more questions. How can I modify the numbers and the days of the week on the calendar so that the text is in white and not gray? I can’t see to locate the file.

    And lastly, if I wanted to add a new entry for my customers, how would I go about doing that? I want my customers to be able to tell me where they live, so I’d like to add a text box that lists “Residency” where the red oval in this picture is.

    Thank you so much, this plugin is fantastic.

    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Hi Acalasci,

    You already did it well.

    Residency and # of Boxes

    That was my idea to suggesting you.(Change the label ‘Special Instruction’ to ‘Pickup Address’)


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    Past & Future dates being displaying in Gray (Month/Week/Day View).
    If you want to change color of them then needs to modify some css properties in file ‘fullcalendar.css’.

    File path: \appointment-calendar\menu-pages\fullcalendar-assets-new\css

    For days font color [fullcalendar.css (line 485)]

    .fc-agenda-days th {
        color: #EEEEEE;
        text-align: center;

    For dates font color [fullcalendar.css (line 489)]

    .fc-agenda .fc-agenda-axis {
        color: #EEEEEE;
        font-weight: normal;
        padding: 0 4px;
        text-align: right;
        vertical-align: middle;
        white-space: nowrap;
        width: 50px;


    Howdy Y’all !

    I’ve been adding lines in several css files now, trying to get my appointment window text to show up.
    my website-link:

    Step 1. go KLICK to make New Appointment
    Step 2. choose date and service, then click NEXT

    in Step 3. scroll down:
    view the Form fields: NAME, EMAIL, PHONE and SPECIAL INSTRUCTION
    show up in white color now.

    I believe this is inherited from the main CSS file that belongs with the THEME.

    I been at this for the past few hours, and I’m Toast now.
    I hope you guys could help to make those fields color show up in Black,
    I would prefer to adjust this in the fullcalendar.css form.

    Any help is mighty-much appreciated. Tks already, Hans

    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Hi Hans,

    Here the to do for you:

    Step 1.
    Locate file appointment-calendar-shortcode.php in plugin directory
    ( File Path: \plugins\appointment-calendar\)

    Step 2.
    Around line No. 1157, find bellow code.

    <table width="100%" id="bordercssremove">

    Now add new custom font color for Form fields.

    <table width="100%" id="bordercssremove" style="color:#000000;">

    You done. Thanks
    -Frank Faraz

    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Hi All,

    We are going to release Appointment Calendar 2.6.2 within a week.

    New Feature: Multilingual (Could be translated in your language)
    Bug Fixed: Appointment window cut in half.
    Bug Fixed: Scattered time slots with few themes.

    Thanks for using Appointment Calendar & support us.
    -Frank Faraz

    Frank hi,

    Thanks for your Swift reply !
    Done, it Looks PERFECT now !

    Appointment Calendar IS by far the best Plugin for Taking And Managing Appointments, thanks a million. 🙂

    [ redacted, support is offered via the forums and not email or phone ]

    Plugin Author a.ankit


    Hey Hanshjc,

    Thanks for the kind words… If you are happy with the support and the plugin, I request you to leave a review at


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