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  • I’m sure it’s somewhere in this support forum but I’ve looked and can’t seem to locate it…

    When a person clicks on a single post or another page I want the sidebars and everything else to be the same as the homepage. Is this something to be modified on style.php and/or single.php?

    My site is at

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  • What I usually do in a case like this is delete “single.php” if it’s in the theme folder. That will have your posts displaying using index.php.

    Will the same style appear when a user clicks not only another post, but another page?

    I *think* so – I don’t use pages much, and when I do, I usually template them separately and specifically. I think that if you don’t set up a distinct page template, the default is used. Which (if you delete or don’t have page.php) should be the index.php.

    I deleted page.php and it definitely worked, however…there were comments on pages where comments just made no sense…like, if I had an About page…why would I have ppl comment on whether or not they liked the sites mission haha. Any idea where to change that…single.php?

    IN that case restore the deleted files (single, page) and edit them: look into the index and copy from there the call for the sidebar.php…
    It should look like something “get_sidebar”

    Thanks for getting back to him, moshu – I had some other stuff going on….

    And yes, that’s the only other option at this point; I do that sometimes too, set up a “commentless.php” template.

    Thanks! I’ll give that a shot.

    See this thread for a further explication:

    I’ll check that thread out…I tried to put the getsidebar function in a bunch of places in both the pages and single.phps but can’t seem to get it to work.

    I’m still confused about this “commentless” template. Will this affect the posts comment on the single.php and index files?

    No. The only time the commentless template works is if you select it as the page template specifically in the dropdown. The others will be just as normal.

    OOOOOH, alright I’ll go give that a try. Thx!

    Page template = page parent?

    Page template = template files in your theme directory; physical files like: page.php (the default), mypage.php, archives.php, fancypage.php etc.

    Page parent = when Pages are organized in a hierarchical structure, e.g. About = parent
    About the blog = its child
    About me = another child etc.

    Oh, if you don’t have at least 2 Page templates (i.e. page.php AND another one) you don’t see the Template selection option – since there is nothing to choose from.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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