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Application state or context (2 posts)

  1. lcwakeman
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I kno, WordPress is stateless but it really isn't since it does save your login state.

    Any way. My client is having me build a plugin for their application. It has seven 'public' pages/shortcodes. They want me to create a separate user table (done) and management pages in the dashboard (done) anduser validation(done). The issue is that I need to somehow keep the users login context. I tried using Session variables byt putting a session_start in the plugin constructor. The user would validate but when they migrated to the next page, they were logged out again. I tried cookies (as WordPress does) but I can't set them in my plugin, headers already sent. I thought about using the database but I need some type of way to correlate the session to the database record.

    Any Ideas?

    Using WordPress users and login, though easy, is not acceptable to the client.

  2. lcwakeman
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I got it working. I added login expiration and session id fields to my user table. I update these fields to now() + 30 minutes and $_$_COOCKIE['PHPSESSID'], respectively.

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