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    Firstly, thanks for the great plugin. Work great out of the box.

    Upgraded to version 2.5 this morning. I use stripe as my payment gateway. I switched on the option to accept ApplePay, GooglePay etc.

    Then, I got an error message saying there was issue configuring applepay. So went over to stripe documentation and uploaded the file to “” folder.

    I checked my stripe dashboard and my domain is listed in applepay tab. This was done by PaidMembershipPro plugin, when I first enabled the option in pmpPro plugin’s payment gateway setting page.

    After these 2 checks, re-enabled, and no error this time. But no other message either.

    However, when I tested this on the page, the amount and currency is showing up incorrect for the level chosen. Also, it allows a customer to pay without filling in the registration details.


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  • Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Hi, Gagan. Thanks for trying out the new feature. Sorry you ran into some issues setting it up. We try to automatically create the file for Apple pay and set things up on Stripe, but it sounds like that didn’t work on your site automatically for some reason. It could have been file permissions or something else.

    Anyway, it’s good you figured out what to do on your own.

    RE the amount showing up incorrectly. There are some known issues with this when using addons and custom code that adjusts the price at checkout, e.g. the variable pricing addon or donations addon. The price will show up incorrectly in the popover, but the actual amount should be charged on the order that goes through. We are working to update our addons and put out guides for updating custom code.

    If it helps, the general idea is to add a “pmpro_alter_price” CSS class to any field that might alter the price at checkout. See here

    Also, it shouldn’t allow people to checkout without entering user information. In our tests, the site returns the expected errors RE requiring username/password/tos or anything else that is required. The way the system works, Applepay looks up your CC, submits it to Stripe securely, creates a token that is shared on the WP site, but before that token is used to complete the payment/subscription/etc, PMPro checks required fields and creates users.

    Make sure that the payments you think are going through without user accounts are really going through. If so, we would need some more information to debug this.

    Can you let us know what addons and custom code you are using? What other plugins you are using that might be tied to user registration? How is your level and pricing set up? What specific steps are you taking when checking out?

    We are very interested to fix any bug related to the Applepay feature that may be out there. If you email us here we can follow up to get more details in a private manner. Thanks.

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