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  • I’m attempting to add Apple Pay to my Woocommerce Site. I’m not really having issues regarding Woocommerce but I’m looking for some advice. I use as my payment gateway to handle my transactions. In order to finish the setup from Apple I have to upload a certificate file that I get from However, the file that is giving me is not a true certificate file. They give me a .txt file and when I try to upload that to Apple it comes back with an error. I tried to explain this to the support and their solution was to open the file in Notepad and resave it with the .cer format. While this does change the file to a “certificate” file, it still comes back with an error from Apple when I try to upload it. Has anyone had this issue or knows how to solve it? I’ve almost exhausted all the help I am going to get from support and the folks at Apple say they can’t help me.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Disclaimer: I’ve not integrated ApplePay with before.

    But from my basic and general understanding of how such technologies works, it’s Apple that should be SIGNING and issuing the certificate, and not should be REQUESTING the certificate (via a CSR or certificate signing request), which should be uploaded to Apple, for Apple to issue the certificate.

    So before proceeding any further… kindly check your dashboards at both Apple and and let’s make sure you’re using the right terminology: are you supposed to upload a certificate to Apple, or a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?

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    Yes, gave me a CSR file to upload back to Apple. However, the file the had me download from is in .txt format. They told me I could just take it into Notepad and rename it but when I try to upload that file to Apple is when I get the error. When I talked to Apple they told me it’s because the file gave me is not a true CSR file.

    The CSR file is just an encoded plain-text file, so most likely you have the correct file already.

    But most systems expect a .csr file extension for the CSR. A .cer file is a certificate file, and you’re not dealing with a certificate here, so that’s totally out of the question. That’s why I wanted clarification.

    Change the extension of the original file from .txt to .csr and try uploading again. (If you’re on Windows, take care to ensure that the extension is just .csr, and not .csr.txt)

    Standing by for feedback.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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