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  1. BandonRandon
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I just wrote a little plugin that detects if the user is on a mobile browser and if so detects them away from the WordPress site to a mobile (simple) version of part of the site.

    As I got to thinking I'm redirecting user who may want to see the full site. I can easily add a check by creating a URL such as http://example.org?force_web=true The only problem is my plugin checks the top of each page to see if it's mobile so I would need to set force_web=true on all pages.

    The other idea would be to use sessions but it seems WordPress doesn't support sessions unless you addsession_start(); to your wp_config.php file which I don't want to ask the plugin users to do.

    Is this something others have experienced? Is the best way to re-write all permalinks with the addition of my variable?

    Open to ideas and suggestions

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