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    First of all I would like to thanks and appreciate the effort of all the developers who have put millions of coding hours in this wonderful application. I have used lots of cms, blogs, carts online, and from my experience I can tell you this was the easiest application to install and configure. All the best for future.

    I am ready to use it on multiple blogs, that I am about to setup, however there are just 2 things I have no idea on how to setup.

    1) Categories For Posts
    Most of the times it is configured a it shows the parent category and just below that it shows the child category. And this list becomes a long on to go through.
    Is it possible that we can show only Parent Category List and once we click on any of the Categories it shows the Child Categories

    This is default.

    What is required is

    if I click on a
    it shows
    in middle column as comma separated availble categories or on the same sidebar where the main category links are shown.

    2) Once I go to a cateogry or sub cateogry. Just show the Title of the post not the entire post. Clicking on the title, gets me to the post. Something like this

    I know these can be done. Just dont know how in WordPress using PHP. Did a bit of search on the same, however not much luck.

    I would really appreciate any kind of assistance on the same.

    Waiting eagerly.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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