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    So, my problem is that after I moved my blog over from to, my posts do not appear on search rankings after I post them. Previously, right after I posted something, it would be up and be one of the first links on Google (and the old posts still are), however, it is no longer like that. The problem is that what I post is ‘hot’ right when it comes out and then no longer quite relevant after a while. Also, some of the blogs/sites I ‘compete’ with are with and others are here, so how come they appear so quickly (I kind of feel left out)?

    Anyway, the whole problem is that I’m losing lots of traffic and thus, people who follow my blog. Therefore, is there some way to perhaps fix this or improve my search engine ranking?


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  • Did you have an actual domain at or were you using the standard format of

    Are you using an SEO plugin?

    @tier3marketing No, I had the same domain. I just changed the name servers when I moved over to HostGator/

    @wpyogi Yes, but it doesn’t seem to be helping a great lot.

    Having your site on most likely gave you some SEO advantage as there’d be a lot of other blogs “associaged” with yours, so content updates would be index through those making it faster. Now that you’ve moved away from that it will probably take longer for this to happen.

    There’s really not much you can do about this apart from working in link-building and trying to get your content syndicated out to other sites so that they can “share the love” so to speak.

    Your site will still be indexed and you won’t loose any rankings. The only difference is that it’s taking a little bit longer then it used to.

    You can also go out and find a nice sized ping list. WordPress has some built in, but you can always add more services. Pinging definitely helps with indexing, but don’t over do it.

    @catacaustic But my website had the same url as now, so how does that work? Sorry, I’m a bit confused.

    Ryan Cowles


    How long ago did you transfer hosting? And was anything else changed during/since the transfer? Are your new posts being indexed at all – if so, how long has it generally been taking?

    Sorry to bombard you with questions, but I am just trying to get as much info as possible. If you haven’t already, it is probably a good idea to set up Google Webmaster tools so you can keep your eyes out for any crawl errors and/or issues with your sitemap:

    Keeping the same URL isn’t what gets Googles search indexing bots back to your site. It’s links from other sites that get more “action” by the bots. That’s why in-bound links (other sites linking to your site) that make the differnce. When you’re on there’s a fair bit of sharing and cross-promotion that goes on, so posts get indexed pretty quickly. When you move out on your own this can take longer.

    The big thing is, there’s no reason to worry. If you were getting rankings before you’ll still get them. Because you’ve moved away from .com it will take a bit longer for Google to get to your site sometimes, but it still will. You just need to be patient.

    @ryan Cowles 1. I transferred maybe 2 months ago. 2. What do you mean by changed (I mean, I changed my theme but I don’t think that counts)? 3. Generally, yes they are indexed but not all of them. Before, when I posted something (I post lyrics), it’d get at least 30/40 views in half an hour, while now, it pretty much doesn’t get views until the next day (except from people following me on SNS) and the view count is significantly less. Also, I’ve noticed that when I post content that is bound to be more popular (posted right after it comes out – Korean music gets released at a specific hour every day and I try to post asap), I don’t really get indexed but I used to be either link#1/2 before, now I can’t even find my site. For example, if Psy released a new song, before I’d be the 1st or 2nd link for the lyrics but now, you won’t be able to find me, while for a more unpopular artist, I’d be maybe link#2/3.

    Anyway, I’m just trying to understand if this is fixable in any way, if I have to just wait, or is it just the aftermath of abandoning…and if I should consider going back (very reluctant in doing that, I enjoy my freedom here)

    @catacaustic But the thing is, I am getting indexed, for some content, while other not so much.

    Regardless, thank you guys for trying to help me, I really do appreciate it!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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